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Networking. Connecting. Navigating.
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About Us
At Ratioo Consulting, we are not your typical business consultants. We specialize in connecting you with the movers and shakers—the ones who know the ropes and hold the keys to unlocking your business potential in Indonesia.
We bring you value by ensuring you connect with the right people to make things happen.
Our true strength lies in our unrivaled network of industry insiders.
Our Unique Advantage
We're not just about giving advice; we connect you with the influencers and experts who have the real power and knowledge to propel your business forward.
It's not about what you know, but who you know—and we know them all.
Case Study
Facilitating Market Entry for a Tech Investor
We provided a comprehensive business analysis, hiring guidance, and connected them with key local partners.
Successfully launched the product in Indonesia
Optimizing Operations for a Manufacturing Firm
GMV achieved within the first year
We implemented a new logistics strategy and automated their inventory management.
Our Client, a foreign prominent tech investor faced challenges due to regulatory landscape and local market dynamics in Indonesia.
reduced supply chain costs
Of delivery times improved
A leading ecommerce marketplace startup needed to streamline their supply chain to reduce costs and improve efficiency
Starting Your Business
Business & Market Penetration Strategies
Business Registration
  • Navigate the complexities of company formation & registration with ease
  • Smooth sailing through legal and regulatory requirements
  • Securing all necessary business licenses without the usual headaches
Specific Business Licenses
  • Tailored solutions for industry-specific licensing
  • Ensuring compliance with local regulations so you can focus on your business
Legal & Compliance Services
  • Expert guidance through Indonesian business laws
  • Keeping you in the clear with local and national regulations
Research & Planning
Taxation Advisory
  • Deciphering Indonesian tax laws with ease
  • Strategic tax planning and optimization
Market Research & Analysis
  • In-depth market studies that reveal untapped opportunities
  • Pinpointing your target audience with laser precision
  • Insights into consumer behavior that give you the competitive edge
Strategic Planning
  • Custom business strategies designed to meet your specific goals
  • Outmaneuvering competitors with smart positioning
  • Robust go-to-market strategies for a triumphant entry
Partnership & Joint Ventures
  • Connecting you with the best local partners
  • Facilitating powerful joint ventures and strategic alliances
Our support is tailored to your specific needs
Operational Support
  • Office setup & strategy with integrating top-notch infrastructure & technology
  • Provide hiring top-tier professionals & workforce management services
Cultural & Language Support
  • Mastering Indonesian business culture and bridging cultural gaps with effective communication
  • Seamless interpretation services with language training for expatriates
Financial & Investment Services
  • Identifying lucrative investment opportunities and mitigating risks with expert assessment
  • Crafting financial models and forecasts that guide your decisions
  • Securing funding with ease and introducing you to local investors and financial institutions
Why Choose us?
Our consultants are seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience and deep knowledge of the Indonesian market.
We open doors by connecting you with the right people who make things happen.
Comprehensive Solutions
We curate and provide a team of professional that have extensive experiences and range of networks within the industry
Local Knowledge
We know Indonesia's unique challenges and opportunities inside out and can guide you to success.
Contact us today to discover how we can connect you to success.
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Ready to elevate your business in Indonesia?
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